Best Saw Horses With Reviews In 2021 (Ever In The World)

Being a DIY enthusiast, I have always loved experimenting new tools to make and the break kinds of stuff. It also triggers me to look for something that will be handy, durable as well as useful. All these qualities only remind me of one kind of tool. You know what that is? A sawhorse.Best Saw horses come with a simple design. They have four legs and plank and accommodate wood and other objects to cut through.

If you think your job site still lacks one sawhorse, then it’s high time to get one. And to help you out, I will share all the options that I have found to be amazing, so you can take a look at them and pick one. Not just this, you will also find a guide at the very below so that it can be easy for you to make the right choice.

Best Saw Horses In The Market In 2022

DEWALT DWX725 Heavy Duty Work Stand

Are you yet to meet one of the best sawhorses in market? If you do, then meet DWX725, a work stand that has been built by the brand DEWALT.

Just like the brand boasts, it is lightweight and compact enough to transport it anywhere you want. That being said, you can also fold and unfold it as well to make your conveyanceand storage more convenient. I give that a big thumbs up.

Moreover, the stand also cares a lot for your floor as well since it comes with rubber boots in their legs that protect them from any kind of scratching.

The build quality is terrific! With its sturdiness and ability to withstand heavy work, it is something worth buying.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy to fold and unfold.
  • Rubberized feet to prevent from scratching.
  • Well-built and solid.


  • A little expensive.
Toughbuilt TB-C500 Sawhorse with 2x4 Support Arms 1100 LB Capacity

What literally can make something tough built? A hundred percent steel construction? If it is so, then you can trust this TB-C500 Sawhorse that ToughBuilt guarantees to offer.

This hundred percent sole material makes the stand so well-built that you cannot just go wrong with the unit.

The legs lock open in both the directions so there won’t be any risk of collapse with a sideways motion. They can accommodate 1,100 pounds load each and use 2x4s for a table too.

Another big plus is that the stand feet have the ability to get folded. You can’t just help but appreciate the lock system at the feet after done folding.


  • Legs lock up when folded.
  • Solid and well-built.
  • Can accommodate 1,100 pounds load each
  • Able to use 2x4s for a big table.
  • Sawhorse included.


  • Adjusting the legs to the exact same height is a little tricky.
HICO Sawhorse Folding Metal Sawhorse - 5 Heights Adjustable Twin pack

It is double the giggle and doubles the grin if you get something twin. And if you choose this USH1700-B model from HICO, you can enjoy the twin-pack.

So, both the sawhorses feature adjustable design so that you can change the height within 5  different stops. Right from 25-inch to 40-inch. It will just need wing nut removal to do the job and then you’re good to go.

You know what the best part is? You can enjoy turning it into a work table or picnic table as well with a plywood sheet in a jiffy. Isn’t it cool?

Coming in compact and fold-able design, it can meet all of your requirements which include supporting maximum loads of about 1,200 pounds.


  • Twin pack.
  • Adjustable to 5 different heights.
  • Able to turn into a work table.
  • Compact and foldable design.
  • 1,200 pounds load capacity.


  • A bit on the heavy side.
WORX Clamping Sawhorse Pair with Bar Clamps, Built-in Shelf and Cord Hooks – WX065

You know who has earned all the positive Saw Horses Review just for its performance? It’s the WX065 by the brand WORX.

Present yourself a plenty of features with this set of two saw horses. They have been made with a thermoplastic polymer that can hold around 1000 pounds!

The unit will also give you bar clamps so that you can attach the horses vertically or horizontally and detach them any time you want. I would say this is the highlighted feature of the product.

You will also love its folding feature since it gives you an option for easy transportation and quick storage.

And you know it happens to ship fully assembled so you literally do not need to waste any time for setup.

I personally love it for having hooks and a shelf for storage that made the product a worth owning one.


  • Features hooks and a shelf
  • Hold around 1000-pound
  • Bar clamps for attaching horses vertically and horizontally.
  • Compact and foldable
  • Fully assembled.


  • There are some plastic parts.
Stanley 011031S FatMax Sawhorse with Adjustable Legs (1-Pack)

Cheap and cheerful, this is how you can define this FatMax 011031S by Stanley.

Basically, this beast is light, sturdy and knows how to get the job done easily. While its adjustable legs allow height alterations, they let the sawhorse stand on uneven terrain as well.

Another reason for which it made to the Best Saw Horses Review is that its notches on top make a wonderful resting place for 2x4s.

Not just that, FatMax has also proven its worth by showing its super strength and ability to fold nature to the world.

Besides, FatMax also helps itself from slipping around. Thanks to their soft rubber pads on the top of the horse for promoting extra stability.


  • Light and sturdy.
  • Can stand on uneven terrain.
  • Soft rubber pads to avoid slipping around.
  • Very heavy duty.
  • Adjustable legs allow height adjustment.


  • A little expensive.
Hitachi 115445 Folding Sawhorses, Heavy Duty Stand, 4 Sawbucks, 1,200 lb Capacity, 2 Pack

With Hitachi 115445, you will find yourself to get completely awestruck by its premium and never give up quality.

Coming with 2 sawhorses, these beasts have been found out to be extremely solid especially when you fold it out on a good surface.

That said, you will also find it easy and beneficial to add a 2x4s with the add-ons and hold it with sawbucks on its side. By the way, for your information, the brand has included 4 sawbucks with the unit. So, you are actually getting a package in the form of 115445.

Withholding capacity of 1,200 pounds per pair, the sawhorse absolutely impresses us all, especially me I would say.

It also deserves to get a big thumbs up for having shelf and hooks that make it a handier product overall.


  • Comes with 2 sawhorses and 4 sawbucks.
  • Support capacity of 1,200 pounds.
  • Has shelf and hooks


  • Cleaning it can be a nightmare.
All steel Folding SAWHORSE - Pair Bora Portamate PM-3300T. Two 33

Want to get a mate in your job site? You can give PortaMate PM-3300T a chance to be one.

Along with grabbing positive sawhorses review, it has been able to become one of the strongest competitors in the market. You know why? The reasons are a lot.

Firstly you will love the set of 2 sawhorses that the brand offers with 33-inch work height. So you can have the best comfort in working with it smoothly.

Next, it triggers you to screw a 2x4s onto the top metal piece through which you can make an actual use of the unit.

The best thing is that it comes fully assembled. All you will be needing is to open the box, unfold the feet, lock in place and finally get to work.


  • 2 sawhorses with 33-inch work height.
  • Comes fully assembled.
  • Compact and easy to store.


  • A bit expensive
Stanley 060864R Folding Sawhorse (2-Pack)

If budget is your only concern, then utilize it to get this another best product from Stanley.

What I find impressive is that, being made up of thick molded plastic, it has the ability to provide the same quality and resilience as steel material can give. And that too in lighter option.

A pair of the sawhorses will just weigh 22 pounds and it can hold about 1000 pounds load effortlessly.

Besides, the folding tool at the feet’s bottom adds the stability to the device while being solid and stable. That said, its couple hooks and table at the bottom have also been found very useful.

Even its fold up and easy to store nature make it very handy for your benefits. if you want something within the budget, I would surely suggest it.


  • Thick molded plastic but still offers great durability.
  • Lightweight and fold-able
  • Couple hooks and table at the bottom are very useful.
  • Cheap and friendly.


  • Hinge system can come apart easily.
WORX Pegasus Multi-Function Work Table and Sawhorse with Quick Clamps and Holding Pegs – WX051

Who doesn’t love the versatility of a product! If you have the same feelings as I do, then you must try this WX051 by WORX.

The BIG PLUS is that you can turn the worktable to a saw horse or workbench or anything within a flash. And you do not even need to assemble it that much.

If you are greatly into having something compact and fold able then this can the unit for you. It has both the qualities at 5-inch depth when folded.

There is a bottom shelf that you will certainly find it useful to keep extra tools. Besides, the way the sawhorse support 1000-pound loads is simply notable.

It is surprisingly sturdy and it knows how to impress you. And if these features do not manage to impress you, I don’t know what will.


  • Very versatile and multi functional.
  • Compact and fold able
  • Support 1000-pound loads
  • Solid and well-built.


  • Quick Clamps included but not very useful.
Goplus 2-Pack Sawhorse Pair Heavy Duty Folding Legs Portable Saw Horses Twin Pack, 275 lb Weight Capacity Each (Classic)

If you love having a sawhorse that will possess all the plusses to impress you, then get this Goplus 2-Pack Sawhorse for yourself.

I love this beast because it's strong and soft at the same time. Strong because it can load about 600 pounds per pair. And soft because the soft rubber tops don’t cause any scratches on your material.

Not just that, you will also love its heavy duty folding nature, ideal height, grip handle, and portability. You think that’s the end? No, there are more!

The tool can compress weight to smaller and it can brace lock into place impressively.


  • Solid and well built.
  • Soft rubber tops for added protection from scratches
  • Foldable
  • Perfect height.
  • Grip handle.
  • Can compress into smaller weight.


  • A bit hard to fold.

Buyers Guide: Best Rated Saw Horses In 2022

Height Adjustability :

There are a lot of sawhorses that let you raise and lower the work area so it can hold different objects to cut out. Height adjustability offers a great benefit for the people with diversified heights. You will just need to make sure that the working surface lingers the same level after you finish adjusting the height.


The material is another big factor that you must keep in mind while making a purchase. Sawhorses can be made up of metal,plastic, wood, or anything. While plastic offers lightweight and easy portability benefits, Metal sawhorses offer a good amount of weight to accommodate so you can work with more loads at once.

Folding and Unfolding

Folding down the sawhorse gives bigger perks to let you use them, move them and store them easily. If you think you are going to move around a lot, then this option will be a great help since it adds nothing but convenience.

Weight Capacity:

Different sawhorses possess different limits of weight capacity. Most of them usually come with a weight capacity ranging from 600 pounds to 1,200 pounds. The more load the saw horse can accommodate, the more objects you will be able to work with at once.


Q: Should you purchase a single saw horse or a twin pack?

A: It relies on your preference and requirements. If you are planning to work on big projects that will demand a lot of objects then go for a twin pack saw horses. If you have small projects in hand, you can have a single saw horse.

Q: What is the difference between a saw horse and a traditional bench?

A: The traditional bench basically tends to be bulky and static while a saw horse features many qualities. It weighs light, it is made up of durable materials and contains adjustable height. It is also able to hold huge amount of weight while being portable.

Final Note

Nothing can provide you versatility and durability at the same time like a saw horse can. I am confident that the list that I have highlighted here has all the best sawhorses that are dominating the market today. Each of them possesses the qualities that make them worth buying. So, now the ball is actually in your court. Hope you have a great pick!

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