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Woodworking can be one of the most thrilling as well as overwhelming hobbies to take up. There’s a lot of fun involved in learning the new tricks surrounding the wood, taking up DIY  projects, and making something by yourself.

However, one needs to learn how to do it right, as well as have the right tools to do so. Most people who’re taking up woodworking as a serious hobby are confused about the tools they should have to get started.

Basic woodworking tools for beginners

If you plan to take up woodworking, fret not! Here’s a list of all the essential tools that you’ll need for starting your new thrilling hobby.


A drill is the Holy Grail product that is a must-have for every woodworker. A drill is one of the most used tools and will be required on almost every single project you take up. Therefore, don’t go cheap or doable this one. Invest in a drill with high power and a lot of features. You can also opt for two drills in order to ease your work.

Why must you invest in a cordless drill?

  •  It saves you from possible shocks
  •   It helps you move around the area freely.

What features you must look for in a drill?

Some of the features you can look around for are:

  •         The hammer drill mode,
  •         Impact driver,
  •         Countersink, and more.

When would you find it useful?

  •     A hammer drill could be extremely useful if you’re drilling holes in a concrete wall.
  •     An impact driver is helpful in fastening the screws without having to change the drill

2.Orbital Sander

Every single woodworking project that you’ll ever build will need to be sand. Therefore, an orbital sander immediately becomes a must have in your list of tools.

  Why do you need a powered sand?

You can sand a project with a sandpaper and a block, but you’d need a powered one for a quick and efficient job. Thus, a good sander is not just an intelligent investment but rather a necessity. A random orbital sander is easy to move around and works the best around the edges.

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What are the features to look for in a random orbital sander?

A random orbital sander usually vibrates a lot, and thus, can prove to be quite troublesome. Therefore, the things that you must keep in mind while choosing an orbital sander are its vibration control, dust collection, and its speed.

Apart from the sander, you must also invest in plenty of sanding discs. This will save your time and energy as you won’t end up using a pad for the lack of discs.

3.Circular Saw

A circular saw is a tool you need if you want to cut your wood. Since the step is the most basic one of all, a circular saw is a must-have. The tool is highly versatile, portable, and can last you for several years if used right. A circular saw is able to cut lumber, plywood and cutting circles when required.

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Why should you invest in a cordless circular saw?

You must invest in a cordless circular saw so that you’re not sharing a switchboard with all of your tools attached to it. It also helps to swap batteries with the other tools when you’re not using them.

What else must you look for while buying a circular saw?

Circular saw is best used for circular cutting but you can invest in a straight line jig to cut the straight lines better.

A good quality blade is a priority investment when it comes to a circular saw. You could get an all-purpose one that can cut almost anything.

You could also get a blade with a higher tooth count to cut through a plywood or melamine.


Jigsaw is usually a tool that may be required much later in your woodworking projects but is an important one nonetheless. Circular saw is great to cut in circles and straight lines if you use the right jig, but a jigsaw helps when the lines you want to cut aren’t straight.Check the article about Jigsaw Vs Circular Saw.

You must look at the quality of the blade before buying one and also prefer the one that offers multiple blades for different types of materials.

What are features you must look for in a jigsaw?

Here is a bullet list of all that you would want in a jigsaw.

  • A jigsaw must come with a splinter guard to help the sheet goods from chipping.
  • A dust removal mode will help you keep your projects clean and reduce your effort.


A router is arguably one of the most versatile tools you’d use for your woodworking projects. A router is capable of outing mortises, flattening, cutting rabbets, adding round overs, and more. Apart from the router, you can also invest in its bits.

However, don’t go for bit sets as you may not need everything that comes in it. You could buy high-quality bits like round over, chamfer, and a flush trim bit. These bits are the most versatile and will help you in most of your projects.

What type of router should you pick?

  • A trim router with a plunge base will allow you to get most of your jobs done like rounding mortises. It is also quite handy.
  • A plunge router is a larger version of the trim router but should be used when you’ve advanced a lot in your woodworking and are familiar with the tool.

Why Do You Need the Right Woodworking Tools?

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking at woodworking for professional use or a hobby, you would want it done right.

Woodworking, for instance, can be one of the most satisfying hobbies to take up as you end up making some beautiful as well as useful projects. These tools would be enough to start you off with your hobby.

However, if you’re looking for more, and looking to make things easier, you need to invest in planers, jointers, and table saws. It’s also essential to master all the hand tools before experimenting with the powered ones.

Apart from that, if you’re investing in cordless tools, make sure they all have the same battery profile so they can be used just by exchanging the batteries.

These few tips above are sure to help you make the right choice! Have you thought about getting yourself the right woodworking tools yet?

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