The Ultimate Guide On How To Cut Porcelain Tile

Although porcelain tiles were available in the market for a long time, mass production of them made it accessible to normal households in recent years. They became very trendy due to their stylishness and flexibility of choices.

Porcelain tiles are made from denser porcelain clay and blazed at a higher temperature than ordinary ceramic tiles. These tiles are really dense and strong, which makes it tougher to cut or drill them, and also requires some special tools.Below we are gonna show you how to cut porcelain tiles with different tools.

How To Cut Porcelain Tile 

Tile Cutter

As the name implies, this tool is made to cut tiles. It is an easier, faster, and cheaper way to cut a tile, which is why it is a favorite to many. They come in many different forms, from basic to more complex.

To cut a porcelain tile using the tile cutter, first of all, you need to mark the tile where you want to cut. Mark on the glazed side of the tile using a pencil or a washable marker with the help of a ruler.

Now place the tile on the Tile Cutter with the glazed side up, adjust and lock it. Glide the hand lever across the marked line; the cutter wheel will cut a thin line on the surface of the tile.

When it reaches the end, gently push down the lever, which will cause the tile to break into two pieces. The edges of these broken pieces are sharp; you need to smoother out the edges by using a rubbing stone or so.

Tile Nipper

It is an excellent handy tool for cutting the edges of a tile, especially when you need to nip off a small part. It works like a set of pliers with cutting edges on its jaws. It is very popular among the users for its easy functionality and affordability.

To cut a tile using tile nipper, first mark the glazed side as usual. Now place the teeth of the nipper at the edge of the marked line and give pressure. It will make the nipper to cut small pieces of the tile.

You will need a bit of patience to use this tool. Eventually, you will be able to get the desired shape after a few cuts over the line.

Also keep in mind that sometimes you may need to use other cutters to cut the nip off, as the nipper may not always work perfectly. Finally, smoother the sharp edges with a rubbing stone.

Angle Grinder

An angle grinder is generally used for short or curved cuts. With the help of this tool, one can cut the tile in different shapes, for example, circular cuts, L shaped cuts, straight cuts, square cuts, or for just any cut really. You may even cut out a section of the middle of a tile using it.

For cutting porcelain tiles, it is better to use a 4-inch angle grinder with a diamond cutting wheel. Make sure to wear a dust mask, earplugs, goggles, and work-gloves before using this tool.

Mark the shape you want to cut on both sides of the tile. Now hold the grinder firmly. Gently with a very low force move the blades of the grinder over the marks, not to cut, but to leave a clean mark on the tile. Sometimes you may need to hold the tool a bit horizontally to get the perfect cut.

Moderately move the blades over the same mark over and over from both side; eventually, you’ll get the desired cut. You may need to smooth the edges as usual after getting the final piece.

Wet Saw

Wet saws are a bit expensive. This machine is very user-friendly, and it becomes a necessity when you are cutting extremely hard or dense tiles, or you are required to cut too many tiles in a short period of time.

To use a wet saw, attach an appropriate diamond blade first, fill the water tank with an adequate amount of water. If it is an electrical wet saw, check if the electrical lines are all fine. If it has a petrol motor, make sure the area is well ventilated. Carefully look for any sign of damage.

Mark a tile, place it on the table of the saw. Line up the marked area of the tile with the edge of wet saw’s blade. Make sure the water is pumped over the blade once you turn it on.

Now gently and steadily move the table towards the blade; it will cut through the tile and eventually with a gentle tap, the tile will snap. It will give a clean and professional looking cut to the tile. Since the edges are sharp, don’t forget to use the rubbing stone.

Drill Bit

It requires holes on porcelain tiles to fit screws, plumbing pipes, etc. Although this article is about cutting porcelain tiles, it is necessary to know how to drill holes on it to make a list complete.

To drill a porcelain tile, of course, initially you’ll need a drill machine, and a diamond tipped bit. Drill bits can create small or large diameter holes on a tile, depending on the size of the bit. So, select the bit as per your requirement.

Mark the center of the hole. You may use masking tape over it and again mark the hole. Masking tape will help the bit from slipping.

Start slowly drilling the surface; spray the drilling area with cool water. Be careful with the drill. Never over-apply the pressure or the tile will break. Keep in mind that drilling a porcelain tile needs patience and a gentle hand.


Porcelain tiles are not only a symbol of luxury anymore; in some cases, they are also a necessity. And if you want to complete a home tiling project all by yourself, it is essential for you to know how to cut porcelain tiles.

We hope this article helped you to acquire your required knowledge and all the important information. Now it is time for you to take action!




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