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Did you know that you could actually extend the life of your machine or tool by simply storing it properly? Well, now you know. But organizing and properly storing those tools can be a challenge if you are not creative enough. In fact, most people are often far less organized than they would like to be. But this post will highlight some of the most brilliant tool storage ideas you can try out and organize your working area.

Tool  Storage Ideas You Can Try

Simple Nails

Organizing your tools don’t have to be complicated. The idea is as simple as its name; there are nails and holes in studs mounted on the wall where you can hang your hand tools.

 Tool Caddy

If you have builder tools and would like to keep them off your working table, a tool caddy will help you do that. The custom caddy will look great mounted on the wall of your garage to keep your power tools organized.

Plastic Jug Organizers

The milk jugs can also make your life easier at the garage or store. Uniformity is extremely important when it comes to a storage solution. You can have the greatest storage efficiency by having all of your containers be the same shape and size. Some of the containers that can work in this case include;

  • Milk Jugs
  • Kitty litter containers
  • Utility Jugs
  • Spice bottles
  • Chocolate milk containers

The above containers are a smart idea since manufacturers generate a lot of them and all of them come in the same size and shape.

 Toilet Tube Cable Organizer

The lowly toilet paper and paper towel tubes are some of the items that are normally overlooked in the house. But this should not be the case. They are the perfect items for sleeving and organizing cables when you want to store them.

Make a Tool-Zine

This is a unique type of pegboard tool you should consider making if you don’t know how to organize your small tools. It is commonly referred to as “magazine” as it resembles one. It is also convenient if you are short of space.

Overhead Tubular Storage

What can you do with a “sonotube?”This is a question most of you are probably asking, but you will love this idea. With the tube and some metal strapping, you can create an overhead bin where you can store piping, light wood, and other long stock. However, with this one, you will just have to be careful with the weight of the tools you intend to store.

Overhead Ceiling Bins

I-beam rails are quite easy to create. You only need a common material like 2X4s and plywoods. But with the overhead plastic storage bins, you have to be cautious with the weight of the tools. The DIY experts of The Family Handyman Magazine say that this idea is great for people wishing to save on space.

Magnetic Tool Hangers

Magnetic tool hangers are also quite effective if you wish to store metallic, light tools. You can attach the magnets underneath cabinets and hung your screwdrivers or any other small metallic tool.

Suspended Jar Organizers

Most tool owners will agree to the fact that there are few parts organizing schemes that are more universal than jar lids screwed into a board rack or under a cabinet. But the good news is that it works. And it does work for all kinds and sizes of different containers. explains that you don’t have to throw away that baby food jars or CD/DVD tubs. Tin cans too can do the trick—just nail them from the side into a board and you will have a functional perennial organizing scheme.

Sliding Bolt Latch Holders

This is a storage facility no one would ever thing. In fact, you would never believe that this actually works until you try it out. This is a clever solution to wheelbarrow storage. You will need sliding bolt latches. Like the ones used on gates. This idea has been used in numerous other applications.

Pie Plate Blade Holders

You probably have a number of pie plate blades in your store. Those you have already used and others that are still new. Either way, you can use metal or paper pie plates to come up with a holder for your circular saw blades. And this is normally attached to a wall.

Crate Storage Locker

There are great ideas and there are brilliant ideas that will not cost you. This is the later. A crate storage locker uses inexpensive wooden crates to create custom cubbies where you can store all your smaller power and hand tools. What makes this locker super accessible and convenient to store is the casters on the bottom.

Flip Top Storage

If you have larger power tools that are quite heavy and hard to get out then you should consider the flip top storage. For efficiency, once you are done with one tool, you can flip the top over and use the other, a quite brilliant right?

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Portable Pegboard Rack

You can utilize a portable pegboard and create a rack that will help you organize your working area. The pull-out rack for clamps is what makes this tool organizer cool and convenient for storage.

French Cleat Blade Storage

An awesome French cleat system will always organize your tools and supplies to make your work easier. Not only will you store your blades and other accessories, but you will also have a great place to store your sandpaper. The best part is that this storage facility can be easily customized for took organization cubbies.

PVC Rake Rack

PVC is the other universal material that when put to good use, can make a good holder of all sorts. In this case, you will need short pieces of PVC and then fasten them to two boards. This will create a rack like storage facility where you can store the following tools:

  • Rakes
  • Shovels
  • Brooms
  • Gardening forks
  • Hoe

DIY Tool Chest

To finalize this list of brilliant tool storage ideas is the DIY tool chest. You can customize this gorgeous tool chest and make it what you want.

Wrap Up:

And with that in mind, you now have brilliant storage tool ideas you can try out in your garage or workshop. The best part is that these ideas are not costly. Also, you will not need the services of an expert. So if you need storage items to organize your working area and also keep your tools in good condition, make sure you follow the above ideas.










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