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What is PVA Glue?

PVA stands for Poly Vinyl Acetate Glue. It is a unique form of adhesive, which does have any solvent. The glue is water based. It is water resistant. As the name implies, it is glue or adhesive, and used to hold things. You need to clamp items you want to hold to achieve a good hold.

There are two variants forms of this glue. The most common type is the white color, while the second type, which is the yellow PVA glue, has a shorter life shelf. PVA glue is used for different purposes such as woodwork, craft work, as well as paper work.

The glue is unique, it has no colors, and it does not have any odor. It does not constitute any danger to its users, as dangerous fumes do not come out of it. The glue dries very well and it does not constitute any problem to handle it, as you can use it with your bare hand.

It is a superior quality and perfect adhesive. Sometimes, people can confuse it with glue called Elmer’s. The reason is that many people are used to it.

The product is effective and it is cheap as well, and it can join pieces of different kinds of wood.

It is a superior quality products and that is why you can use it on a wide range of products, such as plastic and wood. Moreover, apart from the fact that it does not stain, it will always dry very clear.

Those in the carpentry profession predominantly use this glue. Very often used in the building of new furniture and even in furniture repairs, it is very popular, because it is highly adaptable.

Moreover, in terms of durability, this product has a long shelf life. When you apply it, it can last for a very long time.

Books By Hand PH Neutral PVA Adhesive with spout - 4 ounce bottle

What are the types of PVA Glue

There are at least two types of PVA glues. They include yellow glue and the white one. They have their various recommendations.

If you want water resistant glue, then you can always opt for the yellow one. Yellow PVA glue is equally used for outdoor jobs because it is more durable.

If on the other hands that you want to work indoors, it is better to use the white ones. It is not water resistant and it can be weakened for a period.


There are lots of benefits users can derive from using this kind of glue, and because of that, woodworkers prefer it more than other types of adhesives on the market.

This glue is non-toxic. This does not mean that you ingest it. It is not edible and you should keep it out of reach of children.

Secondly, it is not harmful and it does have an offensive odor. There is no need to avoid using it indoors, and it does not even ventilation after use. You are sure of good air.

You can use it on different products such wood, papers, plastic and so on without difficulties.

If you use the white variety, you discover that it dries fast and very clear.

The yellow type is water and moisture resistant, but it does not dry clear like the white

The white variety cannot change and it does not change to another color even with age.

The glue does not breakdown in the near future, and it is flexible to use

Moreover, this product is always available as you can find it in many shops, so procuring one is not a challenge.

Even if there is excess glue after application, you do not need to wipe it away with harsh chemicals.

Most importantly, this glue is not expensive and anyone can buy.

What are PVA Glues Used For?

Most of the uses of this product are already discussed. It can be used on different kinds of porous materials such as sandstone, wood, as well as paper, plastic, and so on.

Various kinds of constructions will always require this glue where different materials need to be held together. If you are building anything on wood, then this product is an absolute necessity.

What is the Specialty of The PVA Glues and Their Uses?

Some of the major specialty PVA glues on the market are already discussed such as the white and yellow colors of the glue.

There is different other specialty and they are qualified to be called PVA glues.

It is already stated that many people consider Elmer’s glue as part of the glue. This type is popular in schools where they are used for school projects. It is equally used for craft.

This kind of glue can be used to seal as well as dust proofs often found in porous surfaces like cinder blocks.

This glue can equally be used for bookbinding, and it will always appear white after use. This is because it is PH neutral.

How Do You Use PVC Glue?

This type of glue is not difficult to use, as it does not have any learning curve to it.

When you use it, you have to use the correct quantity because if you use it in excess, it is difficult to clean when it dries, as it does not have chemical to use in order to clean it after it has dried.

However, if there are excess and it has dried you can always sand it off.

Before you begin to use it, prepare the space you will pour it. You can use your board to apply the glue to the place you want to glue together.

If there are areas such as tables that you do not want the glue to touch, you have to cover such areas to ensure that the glues do not touch such areas.

Before you begin to use it, ensure that you have all necessary tools ready for easy application.

When you want to glue joints, you have to use clamps for it. Ensure that you use the right clamp for the project so that the job will not look odd.

For easy dry after use, you must ensure that you apply under the right condition. This means that you have to apply it in a suitable environment particularly where there is ventilation.

If possible, ensure that you apply it under the right temperature such as fifty to eight degree Fahrenheit. This will ensure that it dries fast, and it will hold the wood very well.

After you have applied the glue, remember to clean up very well. Everything has to be a cleanup. It is not proper to allow the glue to mess up the place.


PVC glue is perhaps the most important working tool for woodworkers, craft workers, and even students. It can be used for different applications and it does not cause any health hazard.

Do not allow it to freeze, because that could make the glue useless by breaking the polymer. The product is available in different forms, it is important that before you begin to use it, you decide which type to buy. Though they can serve the same purpose, opt the type that can hold your item very well.

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