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Woodworking has been around with humanity for ages and it will continue to exist. It is a great profession and it is good for creative individuals. Working with wood is a necessity and a hobby. You can work with woods for different purposes such as home improvement and for passion. Irrespective of your skill level, the job is satisfying and highly rewarding. What is most outstanding about it is that there are plenty of woodworking ideas you can try your hands at any time.

Top Fifteen Woodworking Ideas Recommended For You

If you want to be creative, you cannot be short of ideas. There are dozens of them are here is a list of some of the most creative project ideas you can try today:

  • Wooden Spoons and Ladles
  • Wooden cell phone and elephant holder
  • Children wooden toys
  • Birdhouse
  • Baby cradles
  • Wooden circular calendar
  • Chair bookcase
  • Wooden truck
  • Wooden picture frames
  • Wooden tic tac toe game
  • Wooden blanket chest
  • Bedroom lamp for kids
  • Wooden box
  • Glass holders
  • Mantle clock

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Wooden Spoons and Ladles

This may seem an old idea, but the fact is that many people derive pleasure in using wooden ladles and spoon. You can produce different wooden spoons and ladles of different sizes and many people will like it, and they can buy from you.

As said, this used to be an old idea and it is coming back strongly. It is not only spoons and ladles; many people across the world are beginning to patronize kitchen wooden utensils. This is a wonderful idea and you can implement it today.

Wooden Cell Phone and Elephant Holder

This is a cute idea, and you can construct this for an office use. It will make an office look great, and it can serve multiple purposes. It can hold your mobile phone and can display the screen. In addition to that, you can keep your marker, pen, pencil and other similar items you use in the office.

It can equally serve as a paperweight. The product is often designed with lightwood materials. Many people will be happy using it.

Children Wooden Toys

Children wooden toy used to be popular. Many people are resorting to it. In today’s market, the wooden toy is considered a novelty and many parents will be happy using it for their kids. In many online markets today, such wooden products are considered top sellers. You can make a living out of it if you are creative.

It is popular because of the longevity. Experience has shown that it can outlive other toys, especially those made of plastic materials.


You can create a birdhouse and paint it. This project seems to be simple and this means that you do not need special tools to make them, as you can do that with basic tools.

You can design it in different colors so that buyers can easily make a choice out of the lots you have produced.

Baby Cradles

A very popular creative idea you can implement in your woodwork is baby cradles. Many people prefer using baby furniture and that is why you can always profit when you make a baby cradle. Because of that, you can create such cradles like:

  • Baby tables
  • Baby wooden chairs
  • Storage cupboard for babies
  • Babies beds and other kinds of baby wooden items

Such products are in hot demand and many parents are willing to pay the last penny to get it for their babies.

Wooden Circular Calendar

This is another easy to make and great project idea. Many people derive fun adjusting the calendar daily. It does not require difficult tools; however, you have to produce it with durable materials since it needs to be adjusted daily.

It is a great addition to modern homes.

Chair Bookcase

Chairside bookcase is a great woodwork idea. This is an old idea and this kind of project cannot die. This is because it is always in high demand. One or two may not be enough for a household.

You can make plenty of money if you create different variations of the bookcase. Many families demand them to supplement their armchairs.

Wooden Truck

Construction of wooden truck is another creative idea you can try today. Many boys like using this kind of truck. If you can produce different kinds of wooden cars, many parents will like to buy from you, because they like organizing them on their shelf.

Some adults even like to use it and display it in their homes. This is another idea that can fetch you plenty of money.

Wooden Picture Frames

Wooden picture frames will continue to be very useful. It is an old idea and many people will not stop using them in their homes, especially modern designed wooden picture frames.

If you are a great creator, you can design different shapes. As you continue to produce them, other design ideas will be coming.

Wooden Tic Tac Toe Game

Tic tac toe is an old game and many people will continue to play the game. You can actually show that you are the game enthusiast by producing a handmade version board for the game.

Usually, the board is produced from walnut wood. It may not be difficult to make and you do not require special tools to make them. You can earn plenty of money through your creativity.

Wooden Blanket Chest

A blanket chest will always be in high demand, especially in the cold seasons. A great item, and can be used in different circumstances. People will need this item for everyday use, and this means that if you make a superior quality blanket chest, it will be in demand throughout the year.

Bedroom Lamp For Kids

Many parents will like to have this in their children’s room. The lamp is usually wall mounted, and it is not difficult to produce using a handsaw and a router. It will be attached such things like switches, sockets as well as electrical cords. The most important thing is that it’s not difficult to construct.

Wooden Box

You can create small wooden boxes. It will be in high demand because people will use the box for storage. Apart from storage, such boxes are needed for other things.

Glass Holders

Wooden glasses holder is another idea you can try today and rake all the money it will generate. Glasses holders as the name suggest is to store your sunglasses and eyeglasses. It should be pliable; this means that you will use it with ease.

Mantle Clock

You can design a miniature mantle clock. This may fetch you money because many people will like it. The project is economical but you have to be patient while making them. It sells high on the market.

Final Words

Woodworking ideas enumerated above will get you thinking and creative. All these ideas will not be simple to implement, but that does not mean that you cannot implement them. Just like every other task, there is bound to hurdles and challenges. Try to overcome those challenges because that is how you can become a highly creative woodworker.

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